Charge2 and Charge4 are smart universal multi-port USB power supplies specifically designed to deliver safe and optimal powering/charging of USB devices in light aircraft.

Both devices were originally developed to solve a problem experienced in the air causing issues with radios (both communication and navigation) and other cockpit instrumentation.  Although they will work anywhere there is a suitable DC power source available, such as in;

General Aviation; EASA aircraft, UKGA, Light Aircraft / Microlights (LAA), Gyrocopters, US Experimental Amateur Built (EAB) class aircraft
Automotive; Cars, Trucks, Motorhomes, Caravans   Marine; such as narrow / river boats, sailing craft

** UPDATE **  EASA registered aircraft installation is now possible under Issue 2 of the CS-STAN regulations.  Details of the requirements can be found here.

Highlights of the units are;

  • Very Low RF footprint; the RF signature (both radiated and conducted) is very low , preventing radio / intercom / avionics interference or reduced sensitivity.  Some example comparative measurements of emissions are given in the Questions and Answers pages.
  • Safety features; with protection for reversed power input, over and under voltage, thermal shutdown, port independent output short circuit/fault detection and isolation, active monitoring of ports, and no exposed electronics.
  • Universal device support; the supplies are microprocessor controlled, they will correctly charge devices without the need for cheater cables, dongles, or other tricks.  Each port is independent, so different makes of devices can be charged alongside one another.
  • Custom profile support; Bespoke charging profiles can be entered to enable support for devices that do not conform to any of the  standards or require something special.  What ever devices come along, a profile can be generated to cater for it.
  • High Power; delivering smooth regulated power up to 12 Watts (2.4 amps) per port.  The Charge2  can safely deliver 5 amps and the Charge4 up to 8.5 amps.
  • Extended running; Unlike generic plug in chargers that are designed to charge a battery, our power supplies are suitable for extended periods of operation even at their maximum power output.
  • Wide operating voltage; operates on both 12v and 24v/28v systems, low standby consumption of 40mA.
  • Diagnostic Port;  USB serial port on the rear, which provides real time information on port status and power drawn.

The supplies are either plug in and go or can be panel mounted for permanent installation. 

When you combine the safety features, high power with a stable output, protection of your expensive smartphones and tablets from power problems, and an extensible design to cater for future generations of devices our supplies present great value.  Made in the UK and each is fully tested before a serial number applied.

More details of both units are available within the Specifications page.  

IMG 8878

The units have been tested on a wide variety of devices, the list will only expand as we lay our hands on more devices for testing.  All these devices charge at the same rate as if using their own native supplied charger;

Apple iPad (all generations), iPad Mini, iPhone (3, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S, 7), Garmin GPS, GNS Bluetooth GPS, Samsung Smartphones & tablets, Amazon Kindle, Hudl tablets, Sony Smartphones, HTC Smartphones, Airbox Clarity GPS, Dynon D1 & D2 EFIS, 
PilotAware / PilotAware Classic, ASUS Nexus 7 tablets (all generations), GoPro Cameras.


Chargers can be bought on-line via our on-line store using PayPal or Credit/Debit card.